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2. Vocabulary
A_ Looking at the story 
1- Are Adults
2- Are born 3 babyes at the same time when have triplets.
3- A journey it's a long trip.
4- A horse and a donkey are parents of a mule.
5- A shack it's a small and a roughly built
6- It's something easy to see.
7- Mrs. Albinas' Religión doesn't permit birth control.
8- A orphanage it's a home with childrens who doesn't have parents.
9- They take the boys into their family.
10- Mrs. Albinas wants god to consider her age.

B_ Looking at special expressions
1- C _ The Albinas can't keep track of their children's address, names and ages
2- B _ He used a small notebook to keep track of his expenses.
3- A _ Could I used your telephone? I'll keep track of my long-distance calls and pay you for them later.
4- F _ It's understable that the Albinas aren't sure where all their children are. After all, they have 53 children.
5- D _ I'm not surprised they did well on the English test. After all, they've studied English for over six years.
6- E _ I know she hasn't finished the work, but after all, she's very busy.
7- H _ Mr. and Mrs. Albinas have so many childrens that they ran out of names for them all.
8- I _ I can't make the cake because I've run out of flour.
9- G _ He couldn't finish the test because he ran out of time.

3. Comprehension/Reading skills
A_ Understanding the main ideas
1- C _ 55: a mother, a father, and their 53 children.
2- C _ twins or triplets.
3- C _ poor.
4- C _ it is against their religión.
5- B _ she promised that she would always take care of her children herself
6- A _ yes.

B_ Scanning for information
1- The Albinas married when Mrs. Albina was 12 years old and Mar. Albina was 29. 30
2- The first 24 children were boys. 21
3- The Albinas spent the early years of their marriage in Peru. Argentina
4- Then they decided to move to Bolivia. Chile
5- The Albinas and their sons made the three-week journey across the Andes Mountains on mules. Two-week 
6- During a snowstorm Mrs. Albina gave birth to twins. Triplets
7- Mrs. Albinas now has 14 more girls. 16
8- The Albinas live in a two-room shack in Santiago, Chile. Colina
9- Mrs. Albinas and her brothers lived together at the orphanage until they were four. Three
10- There are two Miriams. Three

4. Discussion
1- Me: My mother have 1 brother. My Classmate: Her mother have 2 brothers, 3 sisters
2- Me: My father have 1 brother and 2 sisters. My Classmate: Her father have 2 brothers.
3- Me: I have 1 sister. My Classmate: She have 1 brother.
4- Me: Yes I want to have childrens someday. Five children. My Classmate: She doesn't want any children.
5- Me: They are 3 children in the ideal family. My Classmate: There are 2 children.
6- Me: Most famiy have 2, 3 or 4. My Classmate: Most family have 2.
7- Me: Smaller. My Classmate: Smaller.
8- Me: Yes. My Classmate: Yes.
9- Me: No. My Classmate: No.

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